What does the FranchisEssentials Partnership Mean?

We recently announced our partnership with FranchisEssentials in this press release. We are excited about the new direction we  are headed at Foundry and working with FranchisEssentials is key to our future success.

Paul Segreto is joining Franchise Foundry as our Chief Development Officer. He will be actively looking for new clients that we can help grow. Additionally, Paul brings his years of experience as both a franchisor and a franchisee. This will be a tremendous resource to the brands that we service at Foundry.

One of the first tasks he is undertaking is to strengthen our unit economics strategy for some of our clients. Successful franchisors recognize how important it is to have successful franchisees. Gone are the days that the franchisor can simply license the business model to a franchisee and wis them well. Today’s franchisors have to take an active role in training successful franchisees. At Foundry, we believe that the key to success as a franchisor is in the success of the franchisees.

We are thrilled to have Paul on the team and excited about the future of Foundry and FranchisEssentials.

More to come soon.

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