Sub Zero on Shark Tank: Now the Real Work Begins

We were very excited to see our client, Sub Zero Ice Cream and Yogurt on ABC’s Shark Tank. The experience was fantastic and for us at Foundry. Our work on the project, as part of our overall franchise development and management program, included promoting the event on various social media outlets and across multiple marketing channels. We did this before, during and after the show. Prior to the show we also worked with operations management in training franchisees and staff to handle increased traffic and potential questions from customers.

And now the real work begins. There is plenty to do to help our client capitalize on this tremendous opportunity. Our next step is an immediate focus on franchise sales as we’ll lead the effort of working with hundreds of franchise leads that came through the franchise development site within hours of the show. The site traffic actually crashed the website four times in the process, but Sub Zero’s web hosting provider was able to resolve issues quickly. We will also be combing through hundreds of comments on Facebook and other social media as we’ve seen roughly 20-30 requests for franchise information there as well.

This will be an exciting experience to document — we want to be able to do more the next time we are presented with a similar opportunity. It’s also going to be quite interesting to analyze all the social media data leading up to the show, during the show and I’m sure for quite some time after the show.

Yes, NOW the real work begins!

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