Deb Evans Joins Franchise Foundry as President to Grow Emerging Brands from ‘Inside-Out’

HOUSTON (November 12, 2013) — Franchise Foundry, a multi-brand franchisor and business incubator focused on emerging franchise brands, has named Deb Evans as President. Evans, a Certified Franchise Executive and well-known name in franchising with specialized expertise in franchisee/franchisor relationships and progressive digital marketing for franchise brands, will help the company’s portfolio brands benefit from best practices in operations and marketing.

Starting her career in franchising in 1996 as a teacher at a COMPUTER EXPLORERS location, Evans made the leap to entrepreneurship a year later when she invested in the franchise. That same year, she purchased a second territory and became one of the first multi-territory owners in the COMPUTER EXPLORERS franchise system. In 2004, she joined the corporate team as President and CEO, holding these roles for eight years. In 2012, she launched Deb Evans Consulting to help franchise systems create and strengthen internal teams that develop peak performing franchisees.

“Our company and the brands in our portfolio will benefit tremendously from Deb’s 17 years of experience as a franchisee, franchisor and franchise industry consultant,” said Paul Segreto, Franchise Foundry CEO. “She understands the delicate relationship between franchisors and franchisees and brings an outstanding level of expertise to the social marketing space. Her fresh perspective will help our emerging brands effectively build their internal operations and social platforms.”

As the original founder of FranCamp, now called FranTech, Evans’ sought to provide more hands-on education to franchisors on how to effectively market their brands within a social digital space. She will be bringing this expertise to her new role at Franchise Foundry by working closely with the management teams of each brand to strengthen their social technology programs.

“One of my main goals is to help our emerging brands make better use of their digital space for franchise development and operations, as well as for franchisee and community relations,” Evans said. “I’ve known Paul Segreto for years and have worked with him and the Franchise Foundry brands in the past as a consultant. Now, I’m excited to officially join the team as President to help build upon strategies that Paul put in place.”

In addition, Franchise Foundry will be opening new corporate offices in the Houston area within the next year and expanding its team. Evans will also be involved in acquiring new brands within the Franchise Foundry family. Meanwhile, Segreto will remain involved with the company, but focusing most of his day-to-day efforts in his new role as CEO of Franchise Source Brands International, a key strategic partner of Franchise Foundry.

About Franchise Foundry
Franchise Foundry is a multi-brand franchisor and business incubator focused on emerging franchise brands. Boasting more than 30 years of experience building businesses, Franchise Foundry understands the unique challenges that emerging franchisors face. Its team provides franchise consulting, franchise management, franchise marketing, franchise technology and other franchise development services. The company currently works with the following franchise brands: The Curtain Exchange, Monkey Bizness, and Above Grade Level, among others.

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Deb Evans
Deb Evans

Collette, thank you for your very kind words. Working with you was not only a pleasure but helped me grow as a leader! I look forward to the day our paths cross again both professionally and personally.

Collette Howell
Collette Howell

Franchise Foundry is fortunate to have secured the services of Deb Evans. She is forward looking, personable and well steeped in the challenges and opportunities associated with franchising. I was an owner in a franchise when she was our President and CEO. Deb is a first mover. She is consistently presents unique and substantial approaches that keep the franchisee and franchisor businesses healthy and customer focused. Her skill at managing multiple priorities and efforts is impressive. Importantly, she is able to garner the best efforts of her team. She understands the value of sharing successes and learning from setbacks. Franchise Foundry will feel the positive impact she can bring in short order. She is a joy to work with.