Franchise Foundry Webinar Series Supporting Franchisees

We have established a series of franchisee support webinars for our client brands and for others in the franchise industry. Our first series will focus on sales, service, social media relations, generating local PR and tips on how to use Google. Our strategic partners are leaders in the franchise industry willing to share their expertise and time with YOU!

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Social Relations To Build Business
November 10th 12noon CT/1pm ET

Monday, 11/10 – Social Relations Webinar
Presenter: Jack Monson, VP Engage121


Learn how to move the social media traffic you and your community manager have worked so hard to build to actual traffic to your location.
Franchise Partner, Jack Monson, VP Engage 121 focuses on marketing tactics to achieve business goals daily. He works with franchise systems, global brands, and other organizations building a localized presence
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Launching a Local Marketing Campaign
 December 17 th 12noon CT/1pm ET

Thursday, 11/20 – Local Marketing Webinar
Presenter: Liz Anderson, founder ehAndersonPR
Launching a local marketing campaign to generate sales leads requires a different marketing mix than a campaign to increase brand awareness or build credibility.

Franchise Partner, Liz Anderson, ehAndersonPR, is a PR professional with a background in news, media research and marketing. She believes that today’s communications require a blend of digital and traditional marketing.

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Golden Nuggets of Sales and Service
December 2nd 11am CT/12noon ET

Tuesday, 12/2  – Sales and Service Webinar
Presenter: Nancy Friedman, founder Telephone Doctor

Franchisees spend big bucks to make the phones ring and attract customers to their locations. If those contacts aren’t handled just right, all that money is wasted.

Franchise Partner, Nancy Friedman, was selected as one of St. Louis’ top 25 business women and has appeared on national TV and radio along with being published in the Wall Street Journal and many other magazines and newspapers around the world!

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Tips and Tricks of Google
December 12th 12noon CT/1pm ET

Friday, 12/12  – Google Tips and Tricks Webinar
Presenter: Susan King, VP Operations Fit4Mom

Google is often under-utilized due to misunderstandings and lack of knowledge of several productivity tips and tricks.
Franchise Partner, Susan King, VP of Operations Fit4Mom has coached and trained franchisees to fully understand everything Google offers a business owner and is ready to share all the secrets with you.
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