Sharing Social Tips via Periscope

One of our top pet peeves with “social media consultants” is …. they do NOT implement the strategies they provide their clients.  This topic alone could be an entire white paper, blog post or even a conference!

The Franchise Foundry team is not afraid to test new social platforms. They know success is not guaranteed and failure is a distinct possibility.

Paul Segreto, CEO Franchise Foundry believes strongly that using social media should follow his rule of C.I.T.E.S.

C = Community

I = Interact

T = Transparent

E = Engagement

S = Spontaneous

The Foundry team had a few spare minutes prior to a client meeting. They decided to implement C.I.T.E.S. and opened Periscope to do so. Sharing their passion of social media with their franchise community vs using the unscheduled time to grab a cup of coffee was a no-brainer.

Is your brand fearful to test a new social platform? Do you wait until your competitors implement and perfect before you engage? How spontaneous are you with your social postings? Are you engaging with your customers? How transparent are you?

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