Franchise Professionals Discuss Culture

Importance of Culture Fit When Building a High Performance Team
Every franchise brand has its own culture; no two are the same. An organizational culture refers to: ideologies, beliefs, principals and values that are shared by the leadership, franchisees and employees of the brand. The culture is a determining factor of the success or failure of a brand.

WomensFranchiseNetwork smallHouston’s Women’ Franchise Network (WFN) September event was hosted by Christian Brothers Automotive Franchise. They opened their doors for an evening of cocktails, dinner and then a panel presentation of franchisors and franchisees sharing what makes their culture unique, how they have built sustainable relationships and high performing teams.

The full presentation was captured via Periscope and can be viewed below.

Panel:Sept WFN Panel

Jacqueline Deavenport, Marketing Director, Pinot’s Palette

Shannon Wilburn, CEO, Just Between Friends

Josh Wall, VP, Christian Brothers Automotive

Diana Vasquez, Pinot’s Palette Sugarland Franchisee

Kim Stehr, Christian Brothers Automotive Houston Galleria Franchisee

Deb Evans, President Franchise Foundry

Host Christian Brothers:

Christian Brothers Automotive is one of the fastest growing, full service auto repair companies in America! They were recently ranked the #2 Best Places to Work in Houston, TX by the Houston Chronicle and #226 on Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500.

We are committed to honoring God in all we do by operating with honesty and integrity through superior customer service and “loving your neighbor as yourself”. Christian Brothers Automotive has grown to more than 150 stores and have been franchising for 19 years. This month we celebrate 33 year of being in business.

Based on the Franchise Business Review, over the past 2 years Christian Brothers Automotive has had the most satisfied franchisees in the automotive category while also making the list for most satisfied franchisees regardless of industry for 6 years running!

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Amber Joy1
Amber Joy1

Hi Deb,

Thanks for inviting me to this event. It was a great time and I met some wonderful people! Including Kim Stehr, which we had a great conversation before the panel discussion began. Look forward to attending more WFN events in the future. 


DebCE moderator

@Amber Joy1 We were delighted you could attend! This event was very different from the last one you attended at Over The Top Cake Supplies where we networked and had fun learning what it would be like to own a cake decorating franchise.

We will soon plan the next event and look forward to your attendance! 

DebCE moderator

Message from Paul Segreto:

I'll start by sharing my comment on Facebook... Truly an awesome event. It was extremely interesting, enlightening and inspiring to listen to Josh Wall of Christian Brothers Automotive articulately describe the brand's culture and at all levels. In storytelling form, his message was delivered with transparency and genuineness that one could tell, this is an organization that lives and breathes values, ethics and yes, culture. Of course, the rest of the panel was extremely open and transparent as well and their willingness to share was very much appreciated. One of the best events I've been to in a long, long time because the message resonated loud and clear and especially at a time when franchising continues to be attacked. Thanks to all who made this event possible, and a great success!

Now, let's talk about Deb's use of Periscope to both memorialize and share the event with those that were unable to attend. Think back to a time when we could only rely on what attendees told us about an event. it was almost like playing the telephone game as by the time it was shared from attendee to another person and then onto another, etc. by the time it was shared with you, many things were missed, statements misconstrued and even the persons sharing 3-4 points down the communications chain actually added in some of their own perspective. Certainly, not a great way to share an event and definitely not an effective way to learn what the event was all about.

Well, welcome to Social Media and now with new tools such as Periscope we're actually moving fast into Social Media 2.0. Heck, I believe we might even be rapidly moving into Social Media 3.0 with integration being the accelerator. For instance, Deb used Periscope to basically video the event. Using an integrated marketing approach, she then shared the same on various other platforms including Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter, and of course, shared on the Franchise Foundry blog, right here. Did it stop there? No, as it was also shared by us personally into our extensive networks. All told, we reached well over 10,000 professionals within our networks AND within a relatively short period of time!

Taking this one step further, this is all part of what we're doing at Franchise Foundry within our Accelerated Digital Strategies Program. The program is based upon utilization of technology in an integrated process to attract ideal targets, not to generate leads. Whether it be for consumer or candidate proposition the developed and managed content is utilized to attract the types of individuals profiled as being an ideal customer, client or candidate. Thus, making the sales process more efficient, as well as effective.

The Accelerated Digital Strategies program complements our franchise consulting practice and is also utilized as a stand-alone solution to improve communications, brand awareness and business & franchise development. The program will always be a work in progress as new technology is added to the mix and as it is customized for each client and objective. That said, it is designed, not only for franchisors, but for franchisees, service and product providers, vendors, professional services providers, brokers, consultants and associations.

Paul R. Segreto, CFE

CEO, Franchise Foundry


Thanks for posting on my behalf, Deb. Funny, we're talking about technology and here I had issues trying to actually post my message directly. Go figure. Now have a support ticket in with LiveFyre. Again, thanks.


Watched the periscope of the WFN Houston event and thought it was a great use of technology.

DebCE moderator

@mcshaan Thanks Maria! We are loving the capabilities and all it offers to the franchise community! 

DebCE moderator

That has to be the funniest screenshot of me ever! If you land on this, surely you must be intrigued and wonder why my arms are up in the air!