Borrowing for Your Franchise

In my previous post, I listed four financial skills that I think every franchisee — frankly, every business owner — should have. In this post, I will talk about the impact of borrowing to finance your franchise. It is imperative that franchisees understand the impact borrowing can have on cash flows. If you have to […]

Franchise Finance Basics

In my role at Franchise Foundry, I often have the opportunity to speak to franchisees about their financial statements. Financial management is a skill that is critical to successfully managing a franchise, but it is common for franchisees to have limited financial backgrounds. Their franchise may be the first time that they needed to be […]

Funding Your Future Franchise

It’s no secret that the current economical climate has affected the franchise world for good and for bad. On the “good” side of the spectrum, people who have been content working for others are re-evaluating their professional options. If you own your own business, you have greater control of your future and are able to […]