Analytics and the Franchise Awards Process

People often ask me how I ended up in franchising, and the truth is that I’m not exactly sure — I feel like I just landed here and stayed because I love it. Prior to Franchise Foundry, I co-founded two technology companies, both with an analytics emphasis. The first was Sharp Analytics. At Sharp, we […]

Let’s Get Together

Let’s get together at the upcoming IFA Convention — either for business or to just meet and chat. Either way, let’s make the most of what is sure to be a great event. I’m always excited to work with startup and emerging brands in franchising. The passion exhibited by founders is something that I truly […]

Handling the Onslaught of Leads

Spikes in lead flow always present an interesting challenge. Our client, Sub Zero Ice Cream and Yogurt, was on ABC’s Shark Tank last night and it generated a tremendous amount of interest in the Sub Zero franchise opportunity. Sub Zero has never had trouble generating interest in the franchise, but Shark Tank definitely increased the […]

What does the FranchisEssentials Partnership Mean?

We recently announced our partnership with FranchisEssentials in this press release. We are excited about the new direction we  are headed at Foundry and working with FranchisEssentials is key to our future success. Paul Segreto is joining Franchise Foundry as our Chief Development Officer. He will be actively looking for new clients that we can […]

How to Succeed as a New Franchise System

This is an article written for by Sara Wilson with Christian Faulconer contributing. It was only last June that Allison O’Kelly started offering Mom Corps, a staffing company, as a franchise opportunity. However, in that brief time, O’Kelly has learned a lot. In the life of a franchise, every year is important. However, there’s […]