Executive Team

The Franchise Foundry team has a unique blend of entrepreneurial and franchise experience. If you are an emerging franchise brand looking to grow, this is the team to help you.

Paul picturePaul Segreto, CFE, CEO

Paul is responsible for corporate strategy and business development. Paul also works with Franchise Foundry’s portfolio and clients to improve unit economics and to strengthen systems and processes. Paul has extensive franchising experience and is a Certified Franchise Executive. Paul brings his unique perspective, entrepreneurial spirit and extensive industry experience to his role as the  Sr Managing Partner at Franchise Foundry. He previously founded and served as the President & CEO of franchisEssentials and franchisEssentials Media Group. For over twenty years he has exclusively served the franchise industry as consultant and coach, senior-level corporate executive, advocate, multi-unit franchisee and area developer.

Dedicated to franchise success at all levels, Paul consults with Foundry clients and portfolio companies, helping executives of start-up and emerging franchise concepts, as well as current franchisees. Paul is actively seeking to expand the Franchise Foundry client list and portfolio.

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Jennifer Lawson social picJennifer Lawson, Communications Director

Jennifer develops digital marketing and communication strategies that align with the core values of Franchise Foundry and their partners. She creates and manages compelling content to drive traffic to build brand awareness through digital marketing campaigns.  She works personally with franchisees to develop and implement their local community promotions and engagement strategies.

Jennifer monitors social discussions, resource postings, and trends with the community and industry. She monitors and measures the success of community engagement and contributes to related communication platforms.

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