Are you ready to franchise your business or put your recently franchised brand on the right track?

Utilizing a hybrid coaching/consulting approach, the Franchise Foundry team develops and deploys effective short and long-term solutions in franchise management & operations, change management, traditional & digital marketing, relationship & business management technology and domestic & international franchise development. Franchise Foundry also assists franchise brands in raising capital and exploring merger & acquisition opportunities. The company has an expanding list of client brands across various industry segments, with its primary goal of positioning clients with unique, differentiating propositions to stand out in today’s highly competitive business environment.

Developing and implementing a reverse-engineered strategy that both simplifies lead generation and complements traditional franchise development efforts, the Franchise Foundry team oversees the franchise awards process for start-up and emerging franchisors alike. Complete funnel management, lead generation, qualification, maturation, and sales compliance programs are available. With specific primary focus on multi-faceted community-building around the brand and core practical concept of the business, the strategies include a combination of social media management, social media marketing, digital marketing, email marketing and online pr with various messaging; consumer, brand and franchise candidate specific.

From a tactical standpoint, strategies include development of a cross-platform, multi-tiered plan centered on events; seminars, conferences, webinars, product launches, podcasts, interviews, expos, exhibitions, etc. Objective is always to create attraction to and interest in the community and ultimately, while within the community, to the franchise opportunity. The key is to attract all ideal candidates identified in candidate profiling and aligning the same with where they congregate and communicate within the digital world. Attraction is primarily driven by brand and partners with varying levels of relevant, pertinent and informative content marketing with emphasis on demographic, psycho-graphic and geographic criteria established within development of ideal candidate profiles and of interest to target audience.

Franchise Foundry also provides full-service franchise broker services with certified franchise brokers on staff with expertise in all franchise industry segments and across a wide range of investment. Efforts are focused on individuals exploring franchise ownership as a career alternative to strive towards defining the best match between candidate and brand and to ensure a positively memorable experience for all stakeholders. In addition, services provided to current franchisees and area developers exploring additional brands to add to their portfolio or as a ground-floor opportunity for equity investment.

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